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Connecting with nature

I always was attracted by wildlife, nature unleashed and relaxing moments you do not see anyway! When you are out of ideas or want to meditate a little, walk in the nature. I find the greatest place where you can recollect.


I was talking yesterday with my childhood friends about our homes. What would be improved, why should we bring extra things more or other kind of stuff about our homes. My friends suggested me to a point about a dream project. We, as children, we got into a house in a tree. In fact, our parents have built it. Now, my friends suggested me to check the website cooltreehouseplans.com. It seemed surreal at first, but after I saw some houses built in the tree, I changed my mind!
I spoke with a company of builders of such houses and this is what came out!
balcony_Dream house, my house vacation with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room! I thought it would be so nice!
So I decided to build me treehouse. Do not laugh, I know it sounds weird! But you should see my project!
The house looks great, has large scales, a dock by the lake and all utilities. I chose wood as a building material! It is the best and durable items for the home. And while you’re in the woods, why not take advantage, right? Under the house, I made ​​a small flower garden, favorites one for my wife!
The house is divided into massive pillars, wooden windows, large enough scale for the space and round. It is absolutely gorgeous!
It’s small on the outside, but the interior is quite impressive. Obviously, at the opening I invited friends to a small party. House is fully equipped, we have recreational space around, I even built a beautiful garden. The house is very stable, very practical and perfect for the family or not, as an oasis of relaxation.
The professional team helped me otherwise strictly followed my plan. recognize that some ideas was took from them. So my house came exactly!
For a few weeks we moved into it, the whole family and the dog. We have alternative energy, so payments have dropped considerably! Basically, it is a house equipped like any other, just as I escaped the crowds in town, traffic slowed and smell horrible. Now, a few minutes from town, my children feel comfortable, have a playground (I would say infinite), and fresh air and happiness as cover. Basically, we’re a happy family in a small house in the woods near the town.
I thank very much to my friends for this great idea, without them I do not think I’d be so many moments of relaxation! My family and friends who are visiting they told me that they feel absolutely wonderful in my oasis of tranquility in the tree.

Source: davisranchretreat.com