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How to order

How to Place an Order

For advice on how to choose resources, see About Us.

Order audiovisuals in person, by telephone, e-mail, on the website or by mail in advance of your required date. We will take bookings up to six months in advance.

Ordering Through the Website

Browse our online catalogue, either by entering a keyword (top left corner of any page), browsing our Subject Categories, or conducting an Advanced Search.
Overwhelmed by choice? Check out the Short Lists of our most current and popular titles, or contact the librarian for suggestions. See the About Us page for additional search tips.
Add to your basket each item you wish to borrow. Note that in each record, if you click on “copy status,” you can see if an item is in the library, the date it is due back, and whether there are other upcoming reservations.
Click “view cart” to view, remove items, or empty your cart.
Click “checkout” on your cart to complete your order.
Log-in by entering your user name and password. Or register, if you are a new borrower.
Logging in will bring you to the “confirm order” page. For help on how to complete this page, click the links within the form, or read the information below. Use the “Notes” field to include any questions or special instructions.
Once you have completed this page, click “continue.”
An automatic email confirming that your request has been submitted will be sent to you. The librarian will follow up with a formal confirmation, and answer any questions you may have.
Confirming Your Order

Whether you are ordering on the website or in person, here are some details to consider:

1. For loan policies and borrowing fees, click here.

2. Choosing Shipping Method.
Pickup. If possible, you are encouraged to pick up materials at the Resource Centre, or have someone do this on your behalf. There are several options for pickup outside of Resource Centre hours. If we are closed on your pickup date, we will leave materials at the MCC Ontario reception desk, upstairs. Their hours are 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday.

Pickup at MSCU. In addition, the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union has generously allowed us to use their courier system at no charge. You can pick up and return Resource Centre materials at any MSCU branch. Click here for branch locations. Indicate which branch you want your items sent to in the “Notes” area. The librarian will notify you if your order is too large to be delivered by the MSCU courier. Delivery usually takes 2 days. Please do not expect a call from MSCU staff when your items have arrived at the branch, although you are welcome to call them to check. Make sure items for return are safely packaged and labelled “Kitchener MSCU for Resource Centre.”

UPS or Mail. Please indicate your preference. Materials will by shipped by UPS, expedited parcel, or a combination of both, depending on which method is the most cost and time efficient. The charge for shipping is $10, which includes the cost of return. Within Ontario, UPS packages normally arrive within 1 business day, while expedited parcel takes 1-3 days.

More important information about UPS: UPS requires a signature upon delivery. If you know you will not be at home to receive the materials, you may wish to use another delivery location, e.g. another church member, a place of business or a neighbour. Rural addresses should be as specific as possible. In your UPS package, you will find a UPS auto-return label. This must be affixed to your return package. If the label has been misplaced, you are responsible for return costs. When the package is ready for return, call 1-800-742-5877 to let UPS know the “auto-return package” is ready for pickup.

Shipping Outside of Ontario: We will do our best to accommodate requests from outside of Ontario. The librarian will inform you as soon as possible if we are able to fill your request. To our American website visitors, please be advised that we normaly do not send our materials across the border. Our librarian may be able to advise you on U.S. sources for materials which we are unable to provide.
3. Returns
It is expected that all materials be returned by the due date so as not to inconvenience the next user. Remember, unlike most libraries, borrowers can reserve for specific dates. If you will not be able to return items by the due date, please contact us to avoid an overdue fine. Loans can be extended as long as this does not interfere with the next reservation.

4. Damage
Please report any damage. Do not try to mend materials. If a replacement is required, the user will be billed for the cost.