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Profollica – causes for hair lose

Despite the fact that men are more likely to have problems regarding hair loss, women are not exempt from such situations.
ProfollicaThe reasons can range from the simple and temporary, such as a vitamin deficiency in the complex. In most cases, there are methods for the treatment, but depends, however, on a case by case basis.  The best way to treat hair loss is Profollica. This treatment will action both inside and outside. Regenerates the scalp, hair roots, provides a healthy hair and a perfect color.

Physical problems

Any kind of trauma, disease and / or surgery, sometimes the flu can lead to increased hair loss. Hairs have a well established development cycle: the growth phase have phase of stagnation and the fall.
When the body goes through a period of physical stress, the development cycle of hair can be turned upside down, reducing the period of stagnation and multiple threads pushing the phase of hair. The problem becomes visible in three to six months after onset of disease or trauma time. The good thing is that the hair begins to rebound once the body recovers.


The nine months of intrauterine development of the fetus is a good example of a situation that can lead to thinning hair of a woman. Sometimes hair is much more beautiful, dense and shiny. But in other cases, hormones go crazy in changes and the rest of a woman’s body changes during this period of accelerated hair loss reasons.
The problem becomes apparent, most often only after the baby is born. The good news is that the hair will start to grow after a few months.

Too much vitamin A

Women taking too many supplements, or medicines that contain vitamin A, may face an increased hair loss. The recommended daily dose of vitamin A is 5,000 IU (international unit of measure) per day for adults and children aged 4 years. Supplements but may contain a dose of 2,500 to 10,000 IU. Natural hair growth will resume once the level of vitamin A in the body returns to normal.

Protein deficiency

If you have a diet that does not provide enough protein the body, the body needs protein could decrease by stopping hair growth. The result will be seen in two to three months of decreased protein intake. In this case, try to enter as many dietary protein foods such as meat, fish and eggs. For vegetarians, there are excellent protein sources such as peas, nuts, beans, tofu and more.

Vitamin B

Same story as above: once the vitamin B blood returns to normal hair resumes its natural development. Dietary supplements help, but just a small change in diet. Foods such as meat, fish, starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas, pumpkin, corn) and fruits (except citrus) a major contribution of vitamin B in the body.

Genetic legacy

Is there a female equivalent of male baldness. This is not as pronounced, rather thin and thinning hair is visible, without leaving large areas completely denuded. But if in the family there are cases in which women began to lose their hair at a certain age, then chances are that young to inherit this condition.

Boost your self-esteem with Provillus and enjoy a healthy scalp

Up to two-thirds of men worldwide are affected by hair loss before they turn 35. But women are affected by alopecia as well, and this issue has huge effects on their confidence and self-image. The fact is that alopecia or androgenetic hair loss is a common condition that affects many people, due to their lifestyles, nutrition or as a cause of some diseases.

provillusProvillus is a natural product designed to prevent and treat hair loss in both women and men. The website www.provillus.org is mentioning that provillus has two different formulas, Provillus stimulates the regrowth of hair, it gets to the root of the problem and ceases hair loss, improving significantly the appearance of scalp.

Alopecia represents the medical term for hair loss and it may be triggered by thyroid diseases, some vitamin deficiencies, anemia, surgery, stress, sudden weight loss and many other causes. There are many forms of scalp hair loss, but the most common is the androgenetic hair loss. Male – pattern baldness and female – pattern baldness are actually androgenetic hair loss that produce the overall thinning of hair and it is determined by genes, as suggested by its name.

Women and men affected by androgenetic hair loss experience a gradual alteration of terminal hairs, until the hairs will no longer grow at all. It is a condition that develops slowly and gradually and the final result of it may be a section of complete denudation. Men get to observe how their frontal hairline retreats progressively, but women notice diffuse hair loss on their scalp. The gradual thinning of hair experienced by both women and men is quite unpleasant and it may have considerable impact on their self-esteem.

Diagnosing alopecia in time will certainly help you save the beautiful appearance of your scalp. The dermatologist will run some tests in order to diagnose it and he will recommend you medications to stop the hair loss. The examination under a microscope of hairs or skin and some blood tests are usually performed to correctly diagnose the hair loss and its cause. Based on the results, the physician will prescribe you the best treatment to treat the root of the problem but also to improve the appearance of scalp.

There are many supplements, pills, tablets, solutions and oils to stop the hair loss and to promote the regrowth of hair and you may even get through surgery and improve the appearance of your scalp. In case if you observe a slight thinning of your hair or if your hair is already falling, you should start a treatment as soon as possible.

Provillus is a powerful treatment that stimulates the natural regrowth of healthy hair, helping women and men to cease hair loss and to enjoy a beautiful appearance of scalp. Containing natural ingredients that clinically proved its efficiency, Provillus treats the root of the problem and brings the damaged and dead hair follicles back to life.

Take Provillus and cure your androgenetic hair loss!