Promoting the production of human growth hormone has never been this easy

Everybody would like to find the secret to defy aging. The signs of aging are truly unpleasant: grey hair, wrinkles, deep crevices, fatigue, dark spots, dry skin, open pores, patchy or sagging skin, sore feet and many other symptoms. But did you know that aging starts to manifest when the production of human growth hormone is decreased to its minimum? This means that there are chances to slow the process of aging.

sytropinSytropin is a highly efficient oral spray with a powerful combination of essential amino acids that promote the natural production of human growth hormone in the body. The remarkable benefits of Sytropin include, besides slowing the process of aging: enhancing the immunity, improving the athletic performance, promoting the muscle growth, improving the brain activity, supporting the fat burning, improving the appearance of skin, reducing the wrinkles, promoting the regrowth of hair, raising the libido and other great effects that improve the general health.

Amino acids play significant roles in the body, supporting numerous processes and functions and maintaining the overall health. These organic compounds may be used as a supply of stamina and they build blocks of proteins in order to help the body to develop, to absorb and break down nutrients form food items, to keep healthy skin, hair and nails, to maintain a normal immune system, to generate essential enzymes and hormones, to help the body burn fat and numerous other benefits.

Because they cannot be produced by our bodies, essential amino acids should be assimilated from food. The nine essential amino acids are: lysine, histidine, isoleucine, tryptophan, valine, threonline, leucine, phenylalanine and methione. They truly are essential for our health.

Lettuce, grapes, oranges, spinach, cabbage, pineapple, cucumber, raspberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, eggs, soy beans, nuts, turkey and poultry, salmon, beef, apples, apricots and many other food items contain amounts of amino acids in their composition. In order to promote the natural production of human growth hormone in the body and fight against aging, you should include in your nutrition plan many vegetables and fruits along with the food items mentioned above.

In case if your body does not assimilate enough amounts of amino acids from foods, you can supplement with dietary products enriched with amino acids. These supplements will help you to promote a younger appearance of skin, hair and nails, to improve the size of your muscle, to boost the immune system, to regenerate the cells and to improve neurotransmission.

Sytropin contains essential amino acids and it is formulated as an oral spray. This means that the ingredients are absorbed directly in the blood stream and the effects are observed very quickly. Sytropin stimulates the production of human growth hormone, promotes the fat burning process, stimulates the muscle growth, improves the immune system, raises stamina and brain activity, reduces joint soreness of knees, accelerates healing process and development of new cell, helping the consumers to defy aging.

By taking Sytropin, you will not just feel younger and healthier, but you will also look better and youthful.

Boost your self-esteem with Provillus and enjoy a healthy scalp

Up to two-thirds of men worldwide are affected by hair loss before they turn 35. But women are affected by alopecia as well, and this issue has huge effects on their confidence and self-image. The fact is that alopecia or androgenetic hair loss is a common condition that affects many people, due to their lifestyles, nutrition or as a cause of some diseases.

provillusProvillus is a natural product designed to prevent and treat hair loss in both women and men. The website is mentioning that provillus has two different formulas, Provillus stimulates the regrowth of hair, it gets to the root of the problem and ceases hair loss, improving significantly the appearance of scalp.

Alopecia represents the medical term for hair loss and it may be triggered by thyroid diseases, some vitamin deficiencies, anemia, surgery, stress, sudden weight loss and many other causes. There are many forms of scalp hair loss, but the most common is the androgenetic hair loss. Male – pattern baldness and female – pattern baldness are actually androgenetic hair loss that produce the overall thinning of hair and it is determined by genes, as suggested by its name.

Women and men affected by androgenetic hair loss experience a gradual alteration of terminal hairs, until the hairs will no longer grow at all. It is a condition that develops slowly and gradually and the final result of it may be a section of complete denudation. Men get to observe how their frontal hairline retreats progressively, but women notice diffuse hair loss on their scalp. The gradual thinning of hair experienced by both women and men is quite unpleasant and it may have considerable impact on their self-esteem.

Diagnosing alopecia in time will certainly help you save the beautiful appearance of your scalp. The dermatologist will run some tests in order to diagnose it and he will recommend you medications to stop the hair loss. The examination under a microscope of hairs or skin and some blood tests are usually performed to correctly diagnose the hair loss and its cause. Based on the results, the physician will prescribe you the best treatment to treat the root of the problem but also to improve the appearance of scalp.

There are many supplements, pills, tablets, solutions and oils to stop the hair loss and to promote the regrowth of hair and you may even get through surgery and improve the appearance of your scalp. In case if you observe a slight thinning of your hair or if your hair is already falling, you should start a treatment as soon as possible.

Provillus is a powerful treatment that stimulates the natural regrowth of healthy hair, helping women and men to cease hair loss and to enjoy a beautiful appearance of scalp. Containing natural ingredients that clinically proved its efficiency, Provillus treats the root of the problem and brings the damaged and dead hair follicles back to life.

Take Provillus and cure your androgenetic hair loss!

How to maintain a healthy digestive system

When it comes to general health, keeping a healthy digestive system is as important as keeping the health of your heart, bones, muscles, nerves and all the rest of your body. Because a proper digestion is related to a general health, we must understand the significance of maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

aloe_elite_5All the organs and segments of our digestive system depend on an adequate immune system to fight against the harmful microorganisms and to protect us from infectious diseases. But the digestive system also relies on the heart and lungs to supply with the proper amount of blood. Any disease that may affect an organ, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, has an impact on the health of the digestive system.

AloeElite is a remarkable product based on Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides, an efficient substance that promotes the health of the digestive system. Boosting the immune system and having anti inflammatory effects, AloeElite supports the reconstruction of the protective mucosa lining in the digestive tract, helps relieve and eliminate constipation and diarrhea and supports a healthy digestion and a better assimilation of nutrients from the food ingested.

Even if the digestive system can manage a lot of stress, from the unhealthy eating practices to other factors that harm our health, such as smoking and anxiety, it can withstand it just for a limited period. Over time, as we keep our bad habits, it will cause many health problems. But here are some advices for a healthy digestive system and how to change your lifestyle in order to promote a general wellbeing.

Follow a healthy diet. Include in your nutrition many fruits, vegetables and dairy products, everything related to a balanced eating plan. Foods rich in fiber stimulate the digestion, because fiber helps the material go through the intestines and offer proper consistency and bulk to stools, decreasing the risk to develop heart disease or digestive conditions.

Decrease the intake of saturated fats, processed foods, alcohol and too much sugar or salt, because it may seriously harm your health. They may cause high blood pressure and other heart problems, sluggish digestion, constipation, acid reflux disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, liver problems, heartburn and many other health issues.

Avoid overeating, take time and enjoy your meals. Because the process of digestion starts in your mouth, it is important to chew slowly and carefully to not overstress the digestive system. Larger pieces of food are harder to digest.

Deal with stress. When you are upset or stressed, you may experience a sensation of unease in the abdomen. Stress may seriously harm the balance of digestion, causing bloating, constipation, pain and even diarrhea.

Quit smoking and have some physical activity. Smoking may aggravate many diseases and it may even cause cancer. Regular exercises strengthen all the muscles and stimulates the bowel movements.

Following these advices you will certainly improve the health of your digestive system. In addition, take AloeElite to support your digestion, rebuild your protective mucosa, relieve the symptoms of your digestive condition and improve your general wellbeing.

How to have a health digesive system?

Indigestion – a few words about it

When you have the feeling of malaise digestive, stomach pain or bloating, then we can definitely say that you have a difficult digestion. Most often these symptoms have an organic cause, and experts believe it could be due to slow absorption of food in the stomach or an excessive sensitivity of its walls. It could appear to anybody.

digestinol_6Remedies for Digestive Problems

Difficult digestion, burning, pain, flatulence … All of these are very common digestive problems and unpleasant which affect our lives. In most cases they are due to binge eating, strict diets and of course a stressful lifestyle with irregular meals, alcohol and tobacco.

How to avoid difficult digestion?

Pay attention to the food that you think you worse these symptoms and eliminate them from the diet. Eat little and often to avoid loading the digestive system. Chew food well and avoid eating cold or hot. I recommended as a natural remedy tea, mint, thyme, basil and anise. These are very effective in difficult digestion symptoms.

Stomach burn and how to avoid it

Gastric hyperacidity manifests as a burning sensation that can turn even the sternum. Although traditional remedy for treating this disease is antacid drug, however, it is not recommend for a long time because there is the danger that acid-alkaline balance of the stomach.

Try to live a more relaxed life, without stress. Practice relaxing in tense moments and avoid situations, which may cause anxiety. Eat slowly and chew well: do not drink water during meals. Avoid fats and spicy foods or spicy. Reduce or eliminate tobacco and coffee. Avoid constipation. Do not take medicines that contain aspirin, as they will damage the gastric mucosa.

What is the recommended natural remedy for indigestion?

Chew food well, drink at least two liters of water a day, not eating too late and too much tonight, not skipping meals, remove sweet and fatty food menu.
Another method is the use of Digestinol product. It contains Poly-SACC-ha-ride (AMP) molecules from the Aloe Vera plant. It is suitable for both children and adults or pregnant women. Digestinol eliminate reflux, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis in a long list of other digestive ailments. Used for 90 days Digestinol’s effects will be seen both inside and outside and the body will function better. It is all natural, so is better to take Digestinol just for those problems. The digest will be all natural and our system will be great. We have to know that Digestinol helps even the digestion of kids.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

What causes irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not enough known. Experts believe the disease could be triggered by a variable number of other ailments, such as fungal infections, gastroenteritis, treatment with antibiotics, food allergies or stress. Occur mainly in younger women (around 30 years) and are different from one person to another, including abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, nausea, constipation or diarrhea (often alternating), defecation urge – incontinence, in severe cases.


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Why do you charge fees?
How do I adhere to copyright law with Resource Centre materials?
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What is the history of the Resource Centre?

Who can borrow resources?
Individuals, congregations, schools and community groups are all welcome to use our resources. See how to order for details.

How do I search the catalog for age-specific resources?
See our printable Short Lists for the most current and popular materials for various age groups. Then search the catalogue for detailed descriptions of the titles that catch your interest. To see our entire collection for any one age group, go to the Advanced Search page, and choose your audience from the drop-down menu. And don’t forget to visit the Newest Resources section for the very latest!

What have you got for children and youth?
Many of our materials for children and youth can be used in faith-based or public school settings. Resources for children focus on teaching peace and global issues to a wide range of learning styles. Resources for youth focus on discussion starters about peace, the Bible, societal and global issues.

Teachers may be particularly interested in our Cultures and Countries and Global Issues subject headings, or the Short Lists for children, junior youth and youth. (See also the documentaries list, as many of these may also be of interest to youth.) If you are unsure about the suitability of our materials, feel free to preview them or consult the librarian.

What have you got for adult Sunday school classes or study groups?
The focus of our adult collection is video-assisted group study. Most of our series are 6 or 8 sessions in length. Topics range from Bible study and theological questions to social issues and current events. Many come with study guides and other teaching aids. Want to do a quick search? Adult Sunday School and Group Studies is a printable list of our most popular and current titles.

What if I can’t find a series to suit my interests?
Our documentary collection is often used by groups to build their own series, or enhance another curriculum. Our librarian is available to help with creating your own series.

Why do you charge fees?
The fees you pay go towards purchasing new materials and subsidizing shipping costs for our remote borrowers.

Educational videos are typically more expensive than those geared to the mass market. Since we aim to purchase videos with public performance or circulation licenses (so that you may show them in your church, school or other public settings), we often pay higher purchase prices. A significant portion of our collection has purchase prices in excess of $100, which means that many churches and groups could not afford to purchase these resources on their own. We are pleased to provide resources for loan to share the burden of the time and expense needed to acquire them.

Shipping costs are now approaching $20 or more. While we cannot provide free shipping, we are pleased to provide remote borrowers with subsidized shipping, in order to make our resources more accessible to all.

For more information on fees, see the Loan Policies & Fees page or contact us. If you wish to make a donation in addition to the fees charged, the Resource Centre will issue charitable tax receipts for amounts of $10 or more.

How do I adhere to copyright law with Resource Centre materials?
Copyright law is a complex and changing area. The following are basic guidelines only.

The Resource Centre makes every possible effort to purchase only materials that can be used legally in home, church and school settings. We generally avoid the purchase of materials that require additional Site Licenses to be shown in churches. It is illegal for borrowers to duplicate or charge a fee for showing our (and most) videos.

If there are exceptions or special circumstances for individual videos, we aim to note these in our catalogue, or explain at time of reservation or checkout. The borrower is responsible for adhering to copyright law.

Occasionally, we are asked to loan materials to documentary producers. These loans will be made for research purposes only. If a producer wishes to copy materials, regardless of whether or not they are used in the final product, they need permission from the copyright holder. Please contact the Resource Centre for more information.

What is your connection with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Resource Catalog?
We’re part of the MCC Resource Centre network. Many of the materials listed in the MCC Resource Catalog are housed with us; others are located at MCC offices across North America. When you order through the MCC catalogue, materials will come to you from the closest office where they are available. If you would like some assistance with this service, please contact us or your local MCC office.

What is the focus of your collection?
In reflecting our common Anabaptist heritage, the Resource Centre seeks to provide to constituent churches and schools as well as other related groups, audiovisual resources that promote Christian faith and peacemaking, and assist in demonstrating God’s love.

We are happy to offer our constituency carefully chosen, high quality materials that largely reflect an Anabaptist/Mennonite/Brethren in Christ perspective. At times we look farther afield for productions that might be helpful in our ministries when we cannot find them from Anabaptist producers.
We recognize that our churches are theologically and geographically diverse. Not every video contained in the centre will be appropriate for your group. Please take the time to preview each video you use and decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your setting.

We welcome and prayerfully consider your comments on existing resources and your suggestions for resources to add to our collection. If you have any comments or concerns about our services that you would like the Resource Centre Board of Directors to see, please write to the address above, addressed to “Resource Centre Board” or email
What is the history of the Mennonite & Brethren in Christ Resource Centre?
The Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Resource Centre was started in 1981 when Mennonite Central Committee Ontario and the former Inter-Mennonite Conference of Ontario (now Mennonite Church Eastern Canada) decided for the convenience of the users, to pool their audiovisual resources in one location. In 1985, the Ontario Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches became a member conference. In 1988, the Canadian Conference of Brethren in Christ Churches, after years of unofficial involvement, also became a member. In 1992, the Resource Centre became a non-profit corporation and gained charitable status.
What began with eighteen 16mm films and 32 filmstrips and slidesets has now grown to over a thousand VHS, DVD, print and multimedia titles. We are rather unique in the church Resource Centre world because we are supported by more than one denomination. Representatives of the four member organizations make up the Resource Centre Board of Directors.

How to order

How to Place an Order

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Order audiovisuals in person, by telephone, e-mail, on the website or by mail in advance of your required date. We will take bookings up to six months in advance.

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2. Choosing Shipping Method.
Pickup. If possible, you are encouraged to pick up materials at the Resource Centre, or have someone do this on your behalf. There are several options for pickup outside of Resource Centre hours. If we are closed on your pickup date, we will leave materials at the MCC Ontario reception desk, upstairs. Their hours are 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday.

Pickup at MSCU. In addition, the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union has generously allowed us to use their courier system at no charge. You can pick up and return Resource Centre materials at any MSCU branch. Click here for branch locations. Indicate which branch you want your items sent to in the “Notes” area. The librarian will notify you if your order is too large to be delivered by the MSCU courier. Delivery usually takes 2 days. Please do not expect a call from MSCU staff when your items have arrived at the branch, although you are welcome to call them to check. Make sure items for return are safely packaged and labelled “Kitchener MSCU for Resource Centre.”

UPS or Mail. Please indicate your preference. Materials will by shipped by UPS, expedited parcel, or a combination of both, depending on which method is the most cost and time efficient. The charge for shipping is $10, which includes the cost of return. Within Ontario, UPS packages normally arrive within 1 business day, while expedited parcel takes 1-3 days.

More important information about UPS: UPS requires a signature upon delivery. If you know you will not be at home to receive the materials, you may wish to use another delivery location, e.g. another church member, a place of business or a neighbour. Rural addresses should be as specific as possible. In your UPS package, you will find a UPS auto-return label. This must be affixed to your return package. If the label has been misplaced, you are responsible for return costs. When the package is ready for return, call 1-800-742-5877 to let UPS know the “auto-return package” is ready for pickup.

Shipping Outside of Ontario: We will do our best to accommodate requests from outside of Ontario. The librarian will inform you as soon as possible if we are able to fill your request. To our American website visitors, please be advised that we normaly do not send our materials across the border. Our librarian may be able to advise you on U.S. sources for materials which we are unable to provide.
3. Returns
It is expected that all materials be returned by the due date so as not to inconvenience the next user. Remember, unlike most libraries, borrowers can reserve for specific dates. If you will not be able to return items by the due date, please contact us to avoid an overdue fine. Loans can be extended as long as this does not interfere with the next reservation.

4. Damage
Please report any damage. Do not try to mend materials. If a replacement is required, the user will be billed for the cost.

Loan Policies & Fees

Loan Policies

Due dates are negotiable, based on the length of time you will need, and whether or not there are other reservations already in place. Pick the dates you would prefer to receive and return the item(s).  Keep in mind that if you make a reservation after 3:00 pm on a Thursday, your reservation will not be processed until the following Tuesday morning when the Resource Centre reopens.

Items for preview usually go out for one week; contact us if you need more time.

It is expected that all materials be returned by the due date so as not to inconvenience the next user. Remember, unlike most libraries, borrowers can reserve for specific dates.  If you will not be able to return items by the due date, please contact us to avoid an overdue fine. Loans can be extended as long as this does not interfere with the next reservation.

Please report any damage. Do not try to mend materials. If a replacement is required, the user will be billed for the cost.

Borrowing Fees

Why do we charge borrowing fees? See About Us for information.

Fees will be invoiced when items are loaned; payment by cash or cheque is expected when items are returned. Some groups have accounts with us for materials used in their programs–check with your church, school or organization.

Mennonite Central Committee videos Free for all borrowers
Other videos:
Preview (1 week) $2 each
Viewing (1 video for 1 session) $7
Viewing (2 or more videos or series sessions) $5.25 each video or session
Viewing (7 or more videos or series sessions) $4.55 each video or session
For pickup/drop off at Mennonite Savings & Credit Union branch offices Free
Shipping (mail/UPS, includes cost of return)  $10
Fines $3.50/week
Non-constituency borrowers:
Preview (1 week) $2 each
Viewing (1 week) $10 each
Viewing (2 or more videos or series sessions) $7.50 each video or session
Viewing (7 or more videos or series sessions) $6.50 each video or session