Better this than surgery

Men are obsessed with penis length and often think that their penis is smaller than average, but most of them are wrong.
The truth is that the average length is 12-15 cm, so anything beyond these dimensions can be called a big dick.
vimax extenderPenis size depends on many factors, from genetic factors to the hormone. During puberty, the penis increases in size under the action of male sex hormones but its responsiveness to hormones is lost after the puberty, penis size can not be influenced even if we manage sex hormones.
Boys enter puberty somewhere between 10 and 14 years and penis stops growing somewhere between 16 and 21 years.
Penis increases in size with the onset of puberty is addicted to the male sex hormones. Administration of sex hormones is not shown before the age of puberty, it may stop the increase in height.
The method by which men gain 3 inches in penis length
With tools, men can earn up to three inches in length and girth, sexual organ, but that does not make it virile. The result is seen after three months.
The brave who dare to make an intervention elongation or thickening of the penis are aware that the only gain is more than 3 cm in addition, it strictly for “image”. Doctors say clearly that such interventions are not miraculous, not improve sex life and no way to treat impotence, a false impression of living men.
Men have a problem with size. Normally, after such a surgery, the penis increases 2 cm, maximum three, but most men come with higher expectations. That is out of 100 people applying annually, operates only ten. Comfort is just mental.
In fact, most men who do this job are adults educated, married, some even with children, but living since childhood, adolescent frustration about penis size at rest and now financially afford to solve. There are two operations amending penis: lengthening and thickening.
Elongation involves severing ligaments which remain linked to the pubis and the support body corpora cavernosa, while the thickening consists of injecting grease (definitively effect), hyaluronic acid (to be absorbed in 6-9 months) or other substances which are reabsorbed more than a year. Penile circumference increases by 2-3 cm.
The physician noted that stretching may be carried out simultaneously with the thickening, in which case the procedure takes about two hours. Men who suffer from serious heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia or other blood disorders are contraindicated. The patient will remain under observation for at least 24 hours and erection is not recommended at least 3-4 weeks after surgery.
If the two interventions not sexual reviving another magnification gland can benefit in the life of the couple. Its volume is greater the degree of excitation is more pronounced and may even triple during sex.
But the safest method of penis elongation remains Vimax Extender specifically designed for this. It is not painful and does not require any surgery. Vimax Extender increases penis by several inches.
Risks of surgery
When it comes to complications, doctors opinions are divided. It is considered that the risks are specific to any intervention (infection, edema, anesthetic risk, etc.). This area is very sensitive and when injected fat or other substances, they may migrate to blood vessels and clog them. That can affect erectile function, which is catastrophic for a man.